- A -

Add arc objects

Add circle objects

Add drill

Add fixing holes

Add fixing holes
Synchronize layers

Add line objects

Add oblong objects

Add polygon object

Add polyline object

Add Rectangle objects

Add text objects

- B -

Board cut data segmentation

- C -

Change angles arc

Change colors

Change diameter circle pads

Change diameter drills

Change grid

Change oblong pads

Change pen

Change rectangle pads

Change tool drills

Change tool milling lines

Change units

Change width traces

Copy objects

Copy objects to an other layer

Create board cut data

Create milling data

Create rubout polygon

- D -

Delete objects


Deselect all

Drag objects

- E -

Edit apertures

Edit default apertures

Edit default drill tools

Edit milling settings

Edit penplot sizes

Edit startup info gerber/drill

- F -

Fill with lines

Fill with milling lines

- G -

Getting started

- L -

Load default colors

Load files

Load job file

Load job
Save job

- M -

Measure distance

Milling object selection

Mirror objects

Mirror over fixing holes

Move lines to milling

Move objects

- O -

Object selection

- P -

Pan window

Place gap in board cut data


- R -



Return to previous view window

Rotate objects

- S -

Save apertures

Save default apertures

Save default drill tools

Save drill file

Save gerber file

Save HPGL file

Save milling data

Scale objects

Select all

Select layer

Select only

Selection/deselection objects

- T -

Thickness line

- U -


- V -

View milling warning

View whole design

Viewable window

- Z -

Zoom in

Zoom out