Load files: apertures

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File > Load global apertures






If you are using the standard Gerber files, information about line widths and pad sizes are not included.

You must use an aperture list which describes these values.


In the next screen you see such a list, can simply adjust the way the aperture file will be interpreted.

Click on an area to retrieve detailed information.





The aperture shapes supported are Rectangle, Square, Round and Oblong.

Synonyms for the Round shape type are “circle, c, round, r, rd, rnd, line, l, rounded, donut”

Synonyms for the Rectangle shape type are “rectangle, rect, rec, rectangular”

Synonyms for the Square shape type are “square, sq, sqr”

Synonyms for the Oblong shape type are “oblong, obround, o”

All synonyms are case insensitive.


Click on the Read apertures button in the picture to continue this chapter.