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People in general like standards.

A standard makes data interchangeable amongst different kind of systems.

This is why we have the Gerber standard for describing the pads and trace's of a PCB.

A simple but good idea! Is it not??

However.... in normal live manufacturers of PCB layout programs that produce Gerber data,

take it not so serious, they tend to implement more and more features that are not standard,

so a lot of Gerber data that exists now a days is not so easy readable like it should be.

Sometimes it can be very difficult for a user to get the data read.

We say, reading the very first data is the hardest thing to do, after that everything is easy.

One of the strongest features that Isocam © offers is the recognition of

about 98% of the Gerber and Excellon data. Making it very easy for the user to read his files.



Select your files for loading (you may select 8 files at the time) and press Open.



In most of the cases, Isocam © recognizes the file, it does this by pre-read the file

and interpret the data. In the list above you see the different file types.

You may click an area to see a description.

Click on the OK in the picture to get help on reading the file formats.