Getting started

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There are a few basic things about Isocam © you need to know.






Never remove the hardware key while the program is running this

might destroy it!








You'll see this picture for features that are only

available in the Isocam Pro © version.



The drawing area uses layers for Gerber, HPGL, DXF or drill data.

Because all layers come from different files they must be saved separately.

Each layer that has been changed must be first selected and then saved!





However you may save the entire project as a JOB file, it is wise to do this often to preserve data loss in case of an error a computer malfunction.





There are two selection modes which you may select from the menu bar:

Plot objects    Milling lines

This is because the milling data is placed on the same layer as the plot data.


The right mouse button shows menu items which depend on the current function.

We, from Isocam © and Isocam Pro ©, have reserved the right to make changes in our software without any notification.