Create the isolation pattern

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Now the fun begins....

To create the milling data is almost like breathing, so easy.
You only need to click 2 buttons and Voila...



Make sure the correct layer is selected
In our case select layer 0: CPU3X.G11



Select from the file menu: Create milling data



Just press ok for now
See the special section about milling parameters.
(you do not need it for the Quick start



After the calculation, this message appears, click the Yes button.
Isocam will now check for conflicts in milling.


Isocam found but solved 7 conflicts
use the 'n' key to step through the conflict list
you may use the 'p' key to go back in the list.



As you step through the list, you see that in this design the conflicts are no problem at all.
They are just points which the tool cannot reach.


Keep scanning through the conflict list until you see this message.
Now you are sure there are no real errors found (in this case)